I got the weakfish off my mind and headed out for bass this morning,little East wind…. First 2 stops nothing,made another move and made a change of color of worm on bucktail and the combination worked as over the next hour I got 4 bass up to 26 ” on white bucktail and a purple worm. Once sun broke through clouds and wind came up a little more I could not find a bass..Switched to fluke on bottom of the tide and picked up 9 including one legal at 19″…Now we have the weekend cowboys running wide open all over,one guy damn near put me on the sodbank,so decided to get the hell off the water and let the cowboys play.
On way home I made one stop and picked up one more bass bucktail with white worm before the cowboys showed up ….Done headed to dock
Best worm for trolling bucktails for bass is the GOTCHA and Boulavard Bait and Tackle has a fresh supply which was great news as I was down to my last GOTCHA