It was an ugly morning when I got to dock,low dark clouds BUT weather radar had no rain for 200 miles so out I went. I no sooner got a line in the water when the skies opened up and came down in buckets ( so much for weather radar) I headed for cover again under the bridge. Waited out a 40 minute downpour. Rain stopped and I tried trolling but wind was strong and skies getting dark again so headed home. Got soaked again on way home…. Went and got some coffee and dried out,skies looking better so decided to try again in spite of the rain…Could not find a bass and water temp was dropping like a rock. Switched to fluke and found 6 shorts. Fluke felt like an ice cubes ,suspect only reason they bit was they wanted to get warm.
Called it a day as wind got stronger
Tomorrow looks like more of the same
No fish and lousy weather does little for my sweet personality