A serious weather pattern of rain and thunderstorms but looking at my weather map there was just a small patch on Delaware side of the Bay so out I went. Hour before high I found bass in shallow water again and managed to hook up right away. After the 3rd bass I look to the south and the storm clouds were building and getting very dark….Made 3 more cast and l hooked into another bass when the skies opened up with sky to ground lightening. Fired up the engine and headed to bridge for cover and got soaked on the way. 3 of us tied up to bridge for 45 minutes as the storm blew through…. Skies lighten up and out we went ,bad move !!!!. no sooner got to my spot and skies filled with liquid sunshine and this time it looked worse so headed to the barn. bilge pump was hardly keeping up but got to docked tied up and waited… Thought about going back out but after looking at weather map I called it a day.Second best decision I made all day as I no sooner got in the car when skies opened up again
Damn shame because there were some bass around and my not get the chance in that area again until next month,maybe one more day we shall see……..Water temps still cold at 57 on top of the tide but suspect that will change as the wind is supposed to switch back to north which will push in warmer water