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FishingReport 7/30

BUCKTAIL WILLIE will take his summer break next few days.. Every year mid season I shut her down and clean equipment. review old logs ,develop second half plans and tie some rigs. Been in water since early April and first half has been interesting. Big fluke in big numbers in April, short stripers every week BUT average size is down . 5 year downward trend in numbers continues .We probably will see a Striped Bass reduction of 25-50% in 2015…. Best Bluefishing in 4 years , Surprise was the weakfish showing up in decent size 22-26″ and looking forward to a decent Fall with them
4 -5 days recharing my personal batteries to get pumped up for second half and I will be chasing them again
You guys fishing tight lines ,early morning and dusk will produce most fish


Plan was to get out before the wind but my mother-in law passed away in middle of night at 94
i may get out tomorrow but than plan to take a summer break for 6-7 days and switch to a full summer pattern once back
Lots of small fluke and decent size croakers around if you want to keep kids happy


NOT a good morning,left dock around 5 after reviewing the weather radar and it looked like a couple of hours before storms rolled in WRONG!!!!
.Plan was to look for weakfish start of incoming tide but finding none and water full of grass I headed to another area looking for a bass but as I got there the skies lit up with lightening and opened up with rain. Put hammer down and headed to bridge for cover . Storm past left bridge and started looking again BUT here comes more rain,not as much lightening but rain. As I headed into my creek the clouds started to break up so decided to go to other end of creek on top of the tide even though stiff SW wind as blowing,finding nothing I decided to see if there were any SPOTS showing up but all I could find was very small seabass. It is beginning to look like my prediction of no SPOTS this year was good to my disappointed as this was one prediction I hoped was wrong
Rain gone ,wind up I’m heading home. As I pull into my dock the sun comes out but I’m done


Saturday in July is not the best of days to fish given the jet skies and cowboys but I left around 4:30 and again with weakfish on my mind… Even though we had a SW wind overnight it wasn’t hard enough to drop water temps ….I hit most of my spots with nothing but a Bluefish. Sun breaking the horizon jet skies already out .. I decided I would go on a search mission and hit spots
i haven’t hit yet away from traffic.little early in year for these spots but tried anyway . Did not get anything but was able to mark some potential spots for later . Some of these small creeks have changed since last Fall
Switched to fluke and the shorts were everywhere so rather than have my blood pressure go up with all the weekend warriors I called it a day
Not sure what I will do tomorrow


After a stormy night I left the dock again under cover of darkness looking for bass and looking and looking !!!!! Water temps on the rise could not find anything under 71. Top of the tide I found a spot with water temp of 69 and picked up 1-bluefish followed by 1-22″ Bass than again looking with no results…Off and on drizzle and I tried every spot I knew that had produced with no success.
Switched to fluke but all I could find were shorts some still belonging in the nursery . Plenty of croakers if interested
Given the water temps it could get real slow for a while for bass


Another beautiful morning ,flat calm, no bugs and I pulled out of dock around 4:30 with bass on my mind. Headed into Sound but found water too warm so got out of there. Hit my favorite pond and still too warm so went looking for some cooler water and went to a trolled bucktail, Found a pocket of 69 degree water and with a white bucktail and purple worm I got into 24″ er and missed another ,Picked up 2 Bluefish up to 20″ Couldn’t find another bass . Switched to Fluke and found 12 including one 19″ …..Tide now out 2 hours and I had a flashabck to couple of years ago so headed to that spot.
Good move as I managed to picked up 4 bass 17-20″
Wind coming up so called it a day
It was interesting to note the barometer was dropping all morning

tomorrow looks IFFY, front will come through tonight with storms ,hoppefully storms will be gone by morning,don’t mind rain but DON’T LIKE LIGHTENING AT ALL


A beautiful morning,flat calm ,no bugs temps in mid 60’s . Headed out looking for bass on top of the tide….Water temp has risen to 72 on top of the tide not good for bass. Did manage to get one before switching to fluke …Could be my surface popper has caught it’s limit,they are only good for so many bass than they need to be retired but I’ve lost count as to how many I’ve caught on this one …I will change tomorrow
Fluke bite was steady but couldn’t find a legal fluke,couple of 17 3/4′ s but no 18″….Did end up with 22 which were released with a yellow tag
May get one more day with a good high tide before sunrise if weather cooperates


Some days I should just stay in bed,Every move I made prior to sun coming produced nothing. I started where I left them in the rain yesterday and stayed there thinking they would turn on WRONG!!!!
Went looking and found one little rat of 16″ on a popper and than nothing
Getting frustrated I burned some gas and found nothing there. Switched to fluke and all I could get was a few infants out of nursery…..I should have stuck with my first thought this morning instead of going to where I left them yesterday morning as there were a couple of fish caught there..Tomorrow is another day and probably won’t stay in bed
We need a wind change as with 3 days of NE winds the water temps are moving up and I never found anything under 70 this morning


it was a cool and wet morning when I got to dock. debated with myself whether to go out but finally convinced myself to go and I headed out in NE wind and rain. Got to my first stop and landed a bass on first cast ,followed by another several cast later on poppers. Tide dropping so hit another area with a trolled bucktail and a GotCha plastic worm and picked up the largest of the day at 26″… I am now soaked but rain stopped and so did the bite…..NE wind getting stronger as predicted by weaatherman . Hit several more spots with no results as tide bottom out and I called it a morning.
Seems like the fish liked the rain but when rain stopped fish stopped biting
Water temps begining to warm up with the NE wind which will not be good for the bass bite,maybe we will get back to the SW wind ??


I got the weakfish off my mind and headed out for bass this morning,little East wind…. First 2 stops nothing,made another move and made a change of color of worm on bucktail and the combination worked as over the next hour I got 4 bass up to 26 ” on white bucktail and a purple worm. Once sun broke through clouds and wind came up a little more I could not find a bass..Switched to fluke on bottom of the tide and picked up 9 including one legal at 19″…Now we have the weekend cowboys running wide open all over,one guy damn near put me on the sodbank,so decided to get the hell off the water and let the cowboys play.
On way home I made one stop and picked up one more bass bucktail with white worm before the cowboys showed up ….Done headed to dock
Best worm for trolling bucktails for bass is the GOTCHA and Boulavard Bait and Tackle has a fresh supply which was great news as I was down to my last GOTCHA