Left dock this morning at 5am ,it was dead calm so I knew the wind was going to come up in next couple of hours. Target was Bass and I had 3 eels to try out .First stop I got into a nasty 33″ bass that didn’t want to come in and when I got her to boat she was one ugly bass and full of the Cheasapeake disease ,both sides of the tail were bloody. Stuck a tag in her and she went off in a burst of speed…… Nothing else on eels on the bottom of the tide but bluefish .
Caught 2 more shorts on bucktails…IF you catch one of these sick bass be extremely carefull handling as couple years ago I got real sick from one and lost 2 weeks of fishing.
switched to fluke but all I could find were shorts
Wind came up as I thought it would so called it a morning
Will hit it again tomorrow and will have a little more tide to work with