fishing report 6/10

You could call today the perfect retiree day or almost perfect. Left dock around 4:45 looking for bass but could only find 2 24 and 26″ .Back at dock by 7:45 and headed to breakfast with friends. Following a good breakfast we headed to Golf Course ,par 3 ,cleaned up with a 4 over par 34
Not too bad for first time in year on golf course

left golf course for a couple of beers and some finger food.
Got call from Microwave repair shop where I delivered yesterday and expected a $300 plus bill IF it could be repaired. Given this is a built-in ,if unable to repair new built in was going to cost $1000 plus . Good news original opinion was wrong and problem was simple for total repair cost of $101 ,,Great News need another beer to celebrate
Picked up Microwave and re-installed ,everyone is happy
New Microwave wife bought that did not fit got returned to Lowes
I can only think of one other thing today that would have completed the perfection
Tomorrow maybe more fish will bite