A beautiful morning and only thing on my mind was BASS. I had a new plan as it was bottom of tide and just starting to move in. The General left dock little in front of me and we both stopped in same area ,However he stopped on west bank and I stopped on east bank and hooked up on 3rd cast.Kept working along that bank and picked up 2 more all on poppers.. these fish aren’t big but very aggressive and fun on my ultra light tackle
Went back for another pass on same sodbank but nothing,,,Sun up so decided to make a change and go to trolled bucktail and headed for another spot and here I found 2 more bass than again nothing…Do believe fish were there but bright sun shut them down…..Tried several other spots but nothing going on so headed to dock. Made a stop on way home to see if any legal size fluke were hungry but after 4 shorts called it a morning
No fishing tomorrow as I will be attending the ASMFC meeting as a Fluke advisor in Baltimore

Weekend should be good for fishing if you need great bait and best advice in area stop in Boulavard Bait and Tackle on Sea Isle Blvd in Ocean View or check in with Morgan at Whale Creek Marina
Both areas have outstanding bait and can offer the latest in up to date inforamtion …Keep in mind conditions change daily so getting latest info can be very helpful in having a good day