Another beautiful morning,sea gull choir was in fine tune. Plan was Stripers or nothing . Headed to my favorite spots on start of incoming. I had 2 smacks from cross-eyed bass but never got a hook in them. Decided to go up a little creek,real shallow at mouth but once I got past mouth it deepens out. Creek was loaded with bait fish. Missed another one on the popper,they are missing it.. Decided to try a bucktail and that was trick as I picked up 3 bass and 1 Bluefish. Tide running hard and full of weeds so I left the creek and kept looking but never found another bass. As stated the plan was bass or nothing so headed to dock around 8:30am as waterways were getting crowded…. Spent some time cleaning up the boat
Will try tomorrow in spite of lousy tides
Tuesday I have to go to ASMFC meeting of Fluke advisors in Baltimore