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A beautiful morning and only thing on my mind was BASS. I had a new plan as it was bottom of tide and just starting to move in. The General left dock little in front of me and we both stopped in same area ,However he stopped on west bank and I stopped on east bank and hooked up on 3rd cast.Kept working along that bank and picked up 2 more all on poppers.. these fish aren’t big but very aggressive and fun on my ultra light tackle
Went back for another pass on same sodbank but nothing,,,Sun up so decided to make a change and go to trolled bucktail and headed for another spot and here I found 2 more bass than again nothing…Do believe fish were there but bright sun shut them down…..Tried several other spots but nothing going on so headed to dock. Made a stop on way home to see if any legal size fluke were hungry but after 4 shorts called it a morning
No fishing tomorrow as I will be attending the ASMFC meeting as a Fluke advisor in Baltimore

Weekend should be good for fishing if you need great bait and best advice in area stop in Boulavard Bait and Tackle on Sea Isle Blvd in Ocean View or check in with Morgan at Whale Creek Marina
Both areas have outstanding bait and can offer the latest in up to date inforamtion …Keep in mind conditions change daily so getting latest info can be very helpful in having a good day


Another beautiful morning,sea gull choir was in fine tune. Plan was Stripers or nothing . Headed to my favorite spots on start of incoming. I had 2 smacks from cross-eyed bass but never got a hook in them. Decided to go up a little creek,real shallow at mouth but once I got past mouth it deepens out. Creek was loaded with bait fish. Missed another one on the popper,they are missing it.. Decided to try a bucktail and that was trick as I picked up 3 bass and 1 Bluefish. Tide running hard and full of weeds so I left the creek and kept looking but never found another bass. As stated the plan was bass or nothing so headed to dock around 8:30am as waterways were getting crowded…. Spent some time cleaning up the boat
Will try tomorrow in spite of lousy tides
Tuesday I have to go to ASMFC meeting of Fluke advisors in Baltimore


It was a beautiful morning as I pulled out of dock at 4:30.sunrise sky was beautiful.Plan was to find some bass before the sun got to high and bass cooperated..Picked up 4 up to 26″ before switching to fluke… Fluke were all over but catching a legal one didn’t happen. I managed to tag 18 shorts
Top of the tide decided to try another spot for another bass and found another 26″er…. 3 bass on poppers ,2 trolling.
Waterways getting crowded so headed to dock. May try again at Dusk for an hour or so


Got to dock this morning around 5am,sat in car debating with myself whether to go as there was a stiff NE wind pushing tide in but finally left looking for bass but could only find one trolling. I could not work a popper given the wind. Switched to fluke and headed where I had keepers on top of the tide….. Same pattern as yesterday but less, picked up 2 keepers 20 and 24″ than tide started out and shorts took over . The bigger the bait the smaller the fish. Wind really howling now against the tide so called it a morning. If wind drops out at dust I may try for bass
Total bass -1
fluke –13      2 keepers

6/26 chapter 2 fishing report

Went out this evening hour before sunset and picked up 2 bass on poppers. no hits until sun got below horizon than 2 fish on 2 cast than nothing
4am will come quickly


Left dock this morning looking for bass as the water temp had dropped into high 60’s BUT no bass found. Decided to get serious for fluke. Made a run and found a few fluke including 4 legal size (18.19,20 and 20 ) following the last legal fish the fluke got small.Total was 11 Fluke and I came home… If I can get a couple of hours sleep I may try this evening for bass
Fluke bite was on smelt filets and Berkley gulp shrimp white with green tail


Bucktail willie after being off water for 5 days left dock this morning looking for bass. They were not where I left them 5 days ago but did manage to find one lonely bass in a strange place. Switch to Fluke and picked up 9 shorts.
Looks like an early summer as water temps were 72 on top of tide and quickly went to 76 on outgoing
Probably need to re-think my approach ,this time last year we had water temps in high 50″s but not this year. I will be trying some summer approaches on future trips and may try some evenings


Left dock early and before sunrise looking for bass,found water temp had increased to 75 not a good thing for bass, Hit all my outgoing tide spots and all I had to show for it was one crossed eyed bass that missed the popper. Bottom of tide water temp was up to 77 so I looked for fluke near inlet but all I could raise was one 17″ fluke
Given the warm water I quit early and was back at dock by 8am
I will not be fishing for next 5 days so you guys can have a ball with the good tides this weekend
Hope to be back out next Wednesday and unless something changes I will have to get into my summer time mood
Good luck


left dock around 4:45 this morning looking for bass. I figured out what my problem yesterday was I had the wrong hat on!!!… so with right hat I went searching , Missed the first one when a cross eyed bass miss the popper but got the next on. Wind was fairly stiff when I pulled out of dock and as sun came up the wind speed increase making a popper a poor choice so switched to bucktail and picked up one more bass . Tide out and now nothing,hung around for start of incoming but nothing. switched to fluke and after a couple of stops I found some shorts ,total 7 before calling if a morning .wind was pushing 20 against the tide
water temp 72 , hoping this stiff SW wind brings in some cooler water


I left dock in dense fog, The general went north,not having any bass up there yesterday I headed south. General has a fish on first cast but I stayed south and could not find anything. He called later and said he had fish so north I went… Bite was pretty much over when I got there but did manage to get one bass and one Bluefish than nothing…Looked around some other areas with tide rolling in but nothing .Switched to fluke but guess I’m snake bit today as bite was slow . I landed 5 shorts before calling it a morning
Soem days you make the right decisions ,some days I should stay in bed
Tomorrow is anothe rday