Today was a Fluke tourney so target was fluke. Cool morning with stiffer wind than I like from NW which meant fast drifts south of inlet so I headed north found shorts . Near top of tide headed back south to the fleet. Didn’t see a lot of bent rods so worked the edge and found shorts .Tide starts out and wind shifts to off the ocean NE and harder. Decided to head to south end of my creek where I found more shorts…Now I’m not real happy and wind is harder probably 25 and gusty.. I’m getting too old to fight the wind so headed home. Almost every fluke caught was muddy indicating they don’t like the cold water on the bottom
I can’t remember when the last time I didn’t have a fish to weigh in so obviously I’m not very happy with my results
Some days the fish win
Total caught and tagged 22
Not sure if I’m fishing tomorrow as I may need a day off but I never know until 4am