Opening day for Flounder season and I expected it to be a ZOO and I wasn’t disappointed ,left dock at 4:45 ,made one stop with nothing and headed to the zoo. About 15 boats when I got there and within an hour there were 100…Hung in there for as long as my disposition would take it but only found 8 short fluke…. Had to get away from the boats and started looking in other areas and found 3 more shorts… Decided to try for bass in an area with less boats and ended up with a doubleheader Bass and Bluefish and neiher fish wanted to go same way but got them in and tagged them…. I didn’t want to fight the crowds so called it a morning….Tomorrow will be worse so I’m looking forward to Tuesday … I will try tommorrow because it is a good tide at least until I get fed up with idiots. The good fishermen are not the problem it is the idiots that only know how to go fast and leave big wakes
Fluke have not spread out much yet but with water temp 63 and slowly climbing I suspect them to spread out and they will be found consistently in other areas
Happy Memprial Day