Not the prettist morning but winds were light.left in light fog that was off an on thick when on ,Sun would come out and than a fog bank would roll in, That condition existed all morning. Water temp dropped considerably and down to 53 on top of the tide.Bite was slow. Search for bass with no success,switched to fluke and found one 20″ Bluefish and 3 short fluke but very slow.. Tide started out and I made a drastic change thinking some bass would come off the water flats water and I managed to get 2 -20″ bass before finally calling it a morning..The ongoing major differences in water temps as much as 10 degrees has the fish off their feed for sure. We need the water to settle down to one temperature,once that happens the bite should pick up. Even if water temp settles in on mid-50’s the bite will be good but the varying water temps has fish confused
I may get a couple of hours in tomorrow but not much more as lots of rain is forecasted ,my hope is before it arrives there won’t be much wind and maybe can get a couple of hours in before the down pour arrives
Bass bite was on trolled white bucktails and whote twister tail