Left dock this morning at 4:45 looking for bass under what appeared to be perfect conditions But sometimes the FISH WIN .After looking in all the spots I’ve had fish the last 2 weeks with no success I switched to Fluke but here again the bite was slow. Water temp in the bay was 66 and given I had 56 degrees at the toll bridge I figured bottom was going to be cold.Dropped a thermoiter to bottom and on bottom in bay it was 58 ,not a good combination for catching fluke. I did manage to get 5 on a hook and one was 20″ the rest were 16-18″; .. i suspect the bite being slow for both species was due to the huge spread of temeprature
IF this wind stays SW it should balance out tomorrow
Another strange event was all 5 were caught on PINK Gulp swimming minnows ,nothing touched the strip bait
If I can avoud the forecasted thunderstorms tomorrow I’ll give it a short shot in morning but will have to be off water by 9