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lousy day to fish

Hard rain but little wind and tide was gushing ,Top of the tide had hurricane type flooding
Obviously I diddn’t leave the dock
This has been a lousy spring But maybe the influx of high water will motivate the fish to to move in and get active.It is warming the water up a little
Maybe tomorrow


THANKS to the weatherman the fish are winning, wind blew 20-30 all day from East ,rain tonight with increasing winds ,2-5″ of rain forecasted for Wenesday
Maybe I’ll get back out on Thursday
This has been the worse Spring I’ve seen since retiring in 2001 and maybe worse Spring since 60’s WHERE the hell is Al Gore ??

fishing report 4/28

Another picture perfect morning in paradise ,light wind from East. Went looking for bass and found them scattered in several spots and ended up with 7 but caught them out of the nursery as they were smaller than yesterday 16-19″.also picked up one fluke trolling so fluke are probably here
Water temp 52 and very clear .Top of the tide and first hour out was best ,once tide starting running hard I could not find a fish
White bucktail with 6 ” twister tail and a pink teaser
Bluefish should be arriving any day IF they are going to show up in this area


A little cool this morning at 42 but little wind at least for first couple of hours. Went searching for fluke but could not get a bite on top of the tide. Tide started out I decided to make a move and look for bass .Appears Bucktail Willie hasn’t lost his touch as after a little looking I found a nice little school of bass and pulled out 12 short bass 18-22″ on first 2 hours of outgoing.Wind coming up and little gusty so after making 3 more passes and no fish I called it a morning
Water temp 50 .
Fish were caught trolling with white bucktail and a pink teaser


It was a perfect morning after 2 days of a hard wind. However the fish were not cooperating.
I fished the entire outgoing tide and could only find one 18″ fluke.Hell I couldn’t even lose bait this morning. Saw a couple of guys trying for weakfish but don’t think any were caught this morning
Water temp near ocean 47 but the further I got from inlet the warmer the water gor topping at 52
Tomorrow is another day


Tried the last 2 days to get ouyt of my dock to fish but yesterday winds of 30-40 most of the day and today it dropped by still 20-25 so stayed tied up
Forecast for morning is dead calm and I;m looking for that so will be lookin gin the morning
Fish are here ,just need weather to cooperate


Left dock at sun up ,tried looking for bass without success ,swtiched to fluke but they were not cooperating and I only got 1 . I didn’t even have any other pick ups as bait was being touched
Fished till tide bottomed out and than came home
Some days you get the fish and some days the fish get you Fish won today


I went out this morning on bottom of the tide looking for fluke,once I found 51 degree water I had fish but they were not biting real hard. I managed to get 4 into boat for taggging and they were decent fish they you expect in April 18-22″ ,tide started in water temp dropped to 49 bite was off.I probably lost another 5-6 as they would pick up bait and drop it probably due to cold water…. Don’t think I will get back out until WED


Bucktail willie finally got in the water after a cold ,snowy,windy winter.
After getting all set up at my dock I headed out looking for a fish. concentrated on Bass and weakfish and found ONE short bass of 20″ but that was all she would give me
Hit several key spots and did not see any signs of life.I did not try for Flounder but may start on them next week
Water temp on tide of the tide was 48 and I suspect bottom of the tide would be much warmer and fluke bite may turn on
This is the latest I’ve launched as usually in first week of April but the weatherman would not cooperate
The area is coming alive as Laughing gulls are arriving,Osprey have been here and busy building nest. I saw a fox and a good size deer so my world is starting to come alive
I talked to a couple of guys fishing for Fluke but no one had any and I headed back to dock after 2 hours of looking to do so more work on setting up the boat
The 2014 season has officially begun
Anyone interested in Stripers there is an informational meeting Wed April 23rd in Manahawkin that will run from 7-9pm I expect to see a cutback of some sort on stripers in 2015 .IF you want to voice your opinion this is the place to be as NJ Chief biologist will be given a presentation and he will be listening to angers imput .
If anyone needs a ride let me know as I will be attending


slowly getting there

Got a lot done today on boat, Fuse box has been completely rewired and surprising enough everything is working….. Will start with wax tomorrow
Target launch due to family events upcoming weekend is April 15th