South Jersey Fluke fishermen —-read on

You may or may not know NJ has been screwed by efforts of NY politicians and ASMFC has going to regionaliztion for Fluke . NJ was put into the NY/Conn region .Nj fluke fishery is much different north vs south. The new size for 2014 is tentativley set at 18″ and this could still change up or down, with 4 fish bag and 128 days
Given the State is so different this writer believes we need to split the State with north half going to NY region and south going into Delaware region
Fluke on average are smaller in southern half of State as their migration pattern is slightly north each year after spawning well oof shore . South Jersey is more in line with Delaware
Delaware Bay will be a mess under regions and will have Delaware fisherman keeping 16″ fish and Nj based fisherman 18″ with both fisherman basically fishing same areas
NJ Marine Council meets Thursday March 6th at 4pm at Gallaway library to set NJ 2014 regulations. THEY NEED to hear from South Jersey Fisherman so if able to attend please do.
Also it would not hurt to write to Congressman Lobiondo and voice an opinion,he has help in the past
NJ Fluke fisherman ,it is time for action, being a spectator will not help, you need to get involved and make a difference
As issues come up leading up to meeting I will try to Post.. I may be on the Shep on Fishing radio show which airs at 7am on WOND on Feb 22nd ,if so I will post