Holiday’s are over ,snow is on the ground and you go to sleep at night dreaming of the Big One
One way to get trhough the winter is to tie up some homemade bucktail jigs. I produce about 3000 a year from scratch and have been making my own for over 40 years.
Nothing beats catching a big one on your home made jig

You can produce your own in whatever pattern you like a lot cheaper than buying from local tackle shop
if interested in producing some of your own hear are some guidelines
Search out some plain jigs painted or unpainted in the style and size you like ,you can find them in Tackle shops or on line ,I will provide some on line places at the end
Also unless you have a deer hunter friend you need to buy some bucktails in color you want. Usually you can get 10-15 jigs out of each tail
Now you need some wrapping thread. I like a simple nylon thread in size D for best wrap on saltwater jig
Last thing you will need is a thread coating, I like SEAL COAT which provides a hard one step finish
a fly tying vise is best But you can use a small vise to hold the jig

Ok – you are ready to go to work
Take the jig ,put it in the vise in a way that allows you to tie the hair. Cut small bunches of the hair and start by applying the hair in layers around the shaft of the jig evenly with the size D thread.Trick is small layers evenly around the shaft as that will allow the hair to breath and provide the action to entice the fish to bite
Once shaft is completely cover and hook is covered give several more tight wraps and tie off.
Now take the sealant of your choice and liberally apply to the wrap,,don’t let it run but put a good coat on and let it soak in
Now let it dry,depending on the type of sealant you use ,it should be dry in 15 minutes to 1 hour.. SEAL Coat is usually 15 minutes
You now have a fish producing bucktail jig

Total cost
painted jig —–.70-.90 cents net .90
bucktail hair $3.50 should get approx 14 jigs from a tail net ,49
Thread —Size D approx $2.50 per spool and will provide 25 jigs net .10 cents per
Seal Coat –4oz $12.99 will produce 500 plus jigs net .03 cents
Brush . .36 cents usually can use on 15 jigs net .02
Total cost to produce
You can save even more after initial investment if you produce from scratch .investment would include the need for a melting pot and lead

If you are interested I can save you a little by providing blank jigs at lower jcost
I make round heads in 3/8-2oz and a torpedo type in 1/2 -1oz Unpainted jjigs with a saltwater hook would go for .45 cents and painted .50 cents … I’m not in busines to supply but as long as my lead holds out and you are interested I will try . HOWEVER once fish start biting shop closes down