Ok you have your rods all clean up and ready to go NOW lets look at reels
First Spinning reels
#1—wash thoroughly with a Salt Away mixture and use a tooth brush to get into tight places,once you have completed that rinse entire reel with warm water in possible and dry

#2- look at the rolloer guide,does it spin freely, if not it is usually due to salt built up. Regardless I like to always remove the roller guide and clean up the mating parts with salt away mix and wire brush the surfaces and rinse. Also check the roller guide bearings if roller doesn’t turn freeely you will need to replace but usually if you take the time to clean and get all the salt out this isn’t problem.. This little component is #1 reason for lost fish especially early in season so take the time to make sure you get all the salt out. Before reassembling apply a light oil on each component and re-install

#3- Remove side plate and look at gears,is the grease all mated up and harden ? If so remove all the grease and re-pack with a good mfg reccomemnded grease. This usually is need every 2 years depending on usage..If grease looks good just add some in high use areas like the shaft
Examine the gears for broken teeth and make sure the anit -reverse is throughly lubricated before putting the side plate back on .

#4– if using mono line I recomend replacing on yearly basis,if using braid examine the first 25 yards or so for nicks and fraying and if found remove a few yards. Braid can be used 3-4 years if taken care of . I have even used it 5 years . After 2 years I like to reverse the line and get the line that has been laying on bottom of reel into the workable position

#5-The last thing I do before putting reel away is to spray a very light coat of oil on reel and put away in an air tight bag if possible
IF you follow this guideline you will have a trouble free start to the 2014 swason
I might also add IF you need replacement parts the time to order is NOW,if you wait until Spring it usually takes longer to receive and many times in early Spring parts are on back order

Conventional reels ,follow the same pattern keeping in mind the objective is to make sure ALL salt build up is removed and everything is working smoothly