Most of us have pulled our boats and stored our equipment waiting for Spring. However to be ready for the Spring bite you should do some basics with your equipment before storing. Last year I had bass and fluke the first week of April
I will cover several topics between now and end of the year.Today I will start with fishing rods
#1–first thing I do is wash and wipe down each rod with a Salt away solution making sure you get each guide, and than was wash off and dry
#2- I take a cotton cue tip or cotton ball and rub each guide ring and tip ring IF the cotton graps something on the ring I mark that guide or tip to be replaced. It indicates a potential small crack which will only get worse with use and chances of losing a nice fish increase
#3- if you know how you can replace the guide or tip yourself or take it to any of the local tackle shops in your area. Doing it now you will avoid the Spring rush
#4 Now before storing for winter I will apply a light coat of wax to the entire rod except reel seat
#5—I apply a light coat of oil to reel seat
#6–Rod is ready to be stored for winter and will be ready for action the first sign of Spring
I like storing in horizonal position if at all possible
I will cover reels on next report