Little cool this morning at 29 but also litle wind so tolerable, First stop bottom of the tide ,got first rod over with an eel and than put second rod over with bucktail and within seconds both rods were down and I landed both with a 23 and 26″ bass .Went back over same area and pick up another 23″on bucktail than nothing. 1 1/2 hours goes by and still nothing in same area. I decided to move and go north and found 2 more bass 26 and 22″ than again nothing. Decided to go back where I started but could not find another bass,tried a few more different spots but nothing so called it a day and came home. White bucktail with Chartreuse rwister tail still seems to be the most productive. Fish clearly are not schooling up probably due to lack of bait concentrations but fish are all bright silver and most have sea lice clear indication the bass are moving in from ocean,finding nothing to eat turn around and leave