39 degrees at the dock and steady wind of 15,forecast was 15-25 so decided to get out before the 25 .First spot had a damn duck hunter so moved to spot #2 another duck hunter ,spot #3 I was clear and I found 1 bass on a bucktail than nothing.Wind now gusty ,I’m getting too old to fight this wind but made another move where I was fishing in a 3 ft chop but managed to land another ,than missed one .Controlling the boat into right areas was almost impossible so called it a morning after 2 hours….. Second bass was on the teaser and it was the largest at 25″ If you aren’t using a teaser you are missing something as I catch one or 2 every day on the pink teaser
Wind supposed to die down tomorrow but will be cold I may wait until tide gets up as low tide will be around 7am
Saw 2 Eagles again this morning along with a red fox