Tough day on the water,weather near perfect but bass were not cooperating. Decided to go north this morning but my fishfinder screen looked like a desert as I never marked a fish .so headed back south hitting my top of the tide spots. Picked up one 20″er but than nothing . Tide started out aand I made another move and finally picked one more 20″ bass and that was all she wrote. Real high tides may be affecting the bite but this was one of my worst days this Fall.. I could not get into my small creeks on the high tide as duck hunters were fighting WW III making it a little unsafe
The only good thing was the last fish I caught was NUMBER 18000th tagged fish by Bucktail Willie. Getting to 18000 in 2013 was one of my goals this years so I can crossed that off and work on getting to 19000
Weatherman today called for light winds but as usual he was wrong as once sun got up wind was pushing 20 and gusty. Weather forecast next couple of days not promising hopefully his record of being wrong will continue