29 DEGREES WHEN I got to boat with stiff NE wind,I waited until sun got upa little and let temp get above 32 and left dock catching the top of the tide. Right on top of the tide I picked up 3 bass 21-23″ than nothing .Tide starting out wind coming up stronger against the tide making life miserable.
Searched around same area but could not find another bass ,actually I couldn’t get my bait in right locations with right movement due to tide and wind .Decided to head home as the tide was going to be rushing. I had a tough time finding sod banks and the meadows were flooded .Headed out into the bay thinking they may be out there on this full tide but nothing than headed in my creek from the bay side and picked up another bass,this one 26″ but that was all she wrote and wind now is making life really miserable so headed to dock
4 bass in less than 2 hours in coldest I’ve been all year
Supposed to warm up a little starting tomorrow and if wind doesn’t come up tomorrow morning could be interesting
water temp 58