BUCKTAIL WILLIE is officially in hibernation for 2013. I went out this morning catching the first couple of hours of incoming. First stop my screen was solid fish and I quickly had a hook up which ended up being a doubleheader of 24″ bass.I kept going down the creek and landed 2 more same size. I went back up the creek to repeat the drift and found nothing ,not one sign of a fish.Made a few moves with nothing. I have no idea where these fish went.Friend of mine said he had an underwater video camera that caught a school moving very quickly behind Stone Harbor.He said for most of video it was a blur do the their speed but when they slowed he could see they were bass. I suspect they are moving that fast do to lack of bait. I called it a morning at 10 and pulled boat. Clean up was a bitch as this was my worst year for barnacles.”Experts” claim increase in barnacles is due to Sandy releasing excess nitrogion ,who knows all I know it was a mess
the guys on the ocean are doing real good with real big fish but given my GPS has not been working for several weeks I had no interest in going out even though the bite has been fairly close to shore.. I can’t complain as I have had the best year on stripers in several years and have tagged bass every month from April to Nov.
i will be posting some info off and on all winter so you may find something that could help next year
IF interesting in a recap of my year and for that matter a recap of the 18000 plus fish I have tagged you will find it on this website. Go to tagging and click on Tagging by year and species
So for now Happy Thanksgiving to all