A cold morning at 30 with wind off the ocean making it very uncomfortable .However I was hoping the NE wind might have pushed some fish in and took off with an hour left on incoming tide. First stop I saw fish on my screen and put out a line.Too windy to fish 2 rods so one had to do. Got a hit right away but missed it ,went back over same spot and caught a 22″er than nothing .screen was blank…. Cranked up engine and moved and saw fish again,my bet was this was same school and sure enough I got hooked up ,this time a 23″er than nothing again..Tide is now getting ready to turn so decided to troll back to where I started and saw nothing until just as I was ready to pull up 4 marks showed up and bang I got another one on and landed another 23″er than again nothing. It appears this school of fish moved in on top of tide and quickly headed back out on the turn of the tide . Tide fully turned and cold NE wind got stronger as I suspected it would and not seeing anyhing else I headed home calling it a day
I think I will pull boat on Sat and call it a year as next week looks ugly with wind and cold .Next 2 days forecasted to be warmer so I will be out there