Forecast was for DENSE Fog and forecast was accurate.When I got to dock I could not see my boat from Gas dock. I had serious concerns as my GPS has not been working but like the idiot I am I loaded up and slowly headed out my channel. This is not a big deal as deep water is along the sodbank . No wind which helped . But when I got to mouth and wanted to go down Flat cr I could see no land marks and went around in a circle . I heard another boat heading same direction and follow the sound and finally got to a sodbank I could see and moved on.
First stop ,not sure exactly where it was I picked up a 27″ bass .Tried working the area but nothing. Moved down the creek with nothing and than decided to get ambitous and move towards Bay where I found another bass of 22″.. Fog just won’t leave and for most part I ‘m fishing blind but over the next 2 hours I found 3 more bass.. All bass caught on bucktail with chartreuse twister tail ,dragging an eel only produce a Dog shark
Other than first bass the others were 20-22″
Tide out so headed home and fog is still thick but found my creek and got to my dock
Total 5 , I usually would not have gone in this thick fog but it was high tide so figured I would not get into trouble
Water temp 52
tomorrow does not look good and cold front moving in ,season is winding down quickly