The wind finally laid down a little making it possible to fish decently.Tried my normal spots and found one bass but than nothing so decided to burn some fuel and made a long run north,stopped at a couple of spots on the way with nothing but kept going north and found some marks that looked like fish .Made 3 passes with noithing and I ws getting ready to move again when I got a hit and missed it. Stayed in area and it began to produce on each pass. I’m up to 5 bass but now nothing so moved to another spot that usually produced in Nov on bottom of the tide and I found one more for total of 6 for the day. Nothing big at 20-25″ but very angry once they got a hook in them
Water temp went up a couple of degrees over yesterday to 48
I probably only have 15 days left to fish in 2013 and that is assuming weather cooperates
My fuel gauge hit bottom only to find when I got to my dock they were out of gas. I’ll have to make a couple of trips with my trusty 5 gal can before going out tomorrow