Happy Veterans Day, without them we would not enjoy fishing today
Dead calm when I pulled away from dock with 2 hourd of outgoing tide left
, most times when dead calm in AM the wind is just sucking in..
I could not find a fish on the outgoing .Start of incoming I found one Bass of 25″ than nothing . Called it a morning as wind was beginning to come up
Around 1pm I got the urge to try the top of the tide and went back out but wind now is a pain in the A@#. I tried a few spots but just wasn’t a good afternoon to be on the water so i was back at dock in an hour
If I had been smart I would have got out in afternoon a little earlier but that is the way it goes
Next 2 days do not look promising and significant cold blast coming with lows in upper 20’s so suspect I will hold off a couple of days before searching again .We shall see