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BUCKTAIL WILLIE is officially in hibernation for 2013. I went out this morning catching the first couple of hours of incoming. First stop my screen was solid fish and I quickly had a hook up which ended up being a doubleheader of 24″ bass.I kept going down the creek and landed 2 more same size. I went back up the creek to repeat the drift and found nothing ,not one sign of a fish.Made a few moves with nothing. I have no idea where these fish went.Friend of mine said he had an underwater video camera that caught a school moving very quickly behind Stone Harbor.He said for most of video it was a blur do the their speed but when they slowed he could see they were bass. I suspect they are moving that fast do to lack of bait. I called it a morning at 10 and pulled boat. Clean up was a bitch as this was my worst year for barnacles.”Experts” claim increase in barnacles is due to Sandy releasing excess nitrogion ,who knows all I know it was a mess
the guys on the ocean are doing real good with real big fish but given my GPS has not been working for several weeks I had no interest in going out even though the bite has been fairly close to shore.. I can’t complain as I have had the best year on stripers in several years and have tagged bass every month from April to Nov.
i will be posting some info off and on all winter so you may find something that could help next year
IF interesting in a recap of my year and for that matter a recap of the 18000 plus fish I have tagged you will find it on this website. Go to tagging and click on Tagging by year and species
So for now Happy Thanksgiving to all


Little warmer this morning but damp and wind was sucking in when I pull out of dock.Found a school of fish on first stop and quickly had both rods hooked up and landed one.kept moving down the creek and again both rods went over and I could only land one. Kept going down creek and got 2 more and than lost the school. I have no idea where the damn things went but they never returned on the turn of the tide.Decent size fish between 25-27″
But after working the first hour of outgoing and wind picking up with a light rain I called it t a day. total 4 bass
tomorrow will be my last day as I will try to pull boat out for the season which should be an adventure by myself
Big cold front coming in Sat night with forecasted lows in the teens


A perfect morning,little cool at 32 but no wind and a great sunrise but fish were no cooperating
I spent 2 hours looking and never saw a fish .Than on top of the tide I hook into a 22″er and another boat in front of me got a 19″er than nothing. I went back and forth and just as I was ready to call it a day I hooked into a good one that tore line off my spool. Finally landed a fat 30″ bass than again nothing so called it a day.
I will try again tomorrow and maybe Sat but will pull the boat for the 2013 season on Sat


A cold morning at 30 with wind off the ocean making it very uncomfortable .However I was hoping the NE wind might have pushed some fish in and took off with an hour left on incoming tide. First stop I saw fish on my screen and put out a line.Too windy to fish 2 rods so one had to do. Got a hit right away but missed it ,went back over same spot and caught a 22″er than nothing .screen was blank…. Cranked up engine and moved and saw fish again,my bet was this was same school and sure enough I got hooked up ,this time a 23″er than nothing again..Tide is now getting ready to turn so decided to troll back to where I started and saw nothing until just as I was ready to pull up 4 marks showed up and bang I got another one on and landed another 23″er than again nothing. It appears this school of fish moved in on top of tide and quickly headed back out on the turn of the tide . Tide fully turned and cold NE wind got stronger as I suspected it would and not seeing anyhing else I headed home calling it a day
I think I will pull boat on Sat and call it a year as next week looks ugly with wind and cold .Next 2 days forecasted to be warmer so I will be out there


I got to dock this morning wind was howling 20 plus. I decided to go get another cup of coffee.Came back wind still howling and now gusty but decided to see if anything was out there on top of the tide. Any chance there were any fish would be on this tide so out I went. Hit every spot I’ve had fish the last 2 weeks and never saw a fish, Wind is really a problem and not seeing any fish I returned to dock.
2 days no fish not a good sign


We had a pretty stormy night and rarely do I catch bass this time of year after a stormy night.forecast was for 20-30 wind but early morning we had a lull so decided to go look around.Hit all my recent spots and never saw a fish,winds came up so I headed home SKUNKED.
Actually it was a pretty nice morning until wind came up and not sure about tomorrow other than it will be colder


Forecast was for DENSE Fog and forecast was accurate.When I got to dock I could not see my boat from Gas dock. I had serious concerns as my GPS has not been working but like the idiot I am I loaded up and slowly headed out my channel. This is not a big deal as deep water is along the sodbank . No wind which helped . But when I got to mouth and wanted to go down Flat cr I could see no land marks and went around in a circle . I heard another boat heading same direction and follow the sound and finally got to a sodbank I could see and moved on.
First stop ,not sure exactly where it was I picked up a 27″ bass .Tried working the area but nothing. Moved down the creek with nothing and than decided to get ambitous and move towards Bay where I found another bass of 22″.. Fog just won’t leave and for most part I ‘m fishing blind but over the next 2 hours I found 3 more bass.. All bass caught on bucktail with chartreuse twister tail ,dragging an eel only produce a Dog shark
Other than first bass the others were 20-22″
Tide out so headed home and fog is still thick but found my creek and got to my dock
Total 5 , I usually would not have gone in this thick fog but it was high tide so figured I would not get into trouble
Water temp 52
tomorrow does not look good and cold front moving in ,season is winding down quickly


It was a miserable morning when I pulled away from dock around 6:30 ,no wind but a steady rain. First stop I had a fish and proceeded to catch 3 more in that area than lost them. Took a ride looking and found them again and pick up 2 and again lost them. Took a ride looking again and found another ,looking again I found 2 more .
Tide now out 2 hours and nothing showing so headed home making one stop where I picked up one more for a total of 9
Steady rain all morning and I’m wet so called it a day
The best bite is on top of the tide ,once tide half way out it gets real slow
White bucktail with chartreuse twister tail,nothing hitting the eel. Nothing big largest 26″
water temp 50


The wind finally laid down a little making it possible to fish decently.Tried my normal spots and found one bass but than nothing so decided to burn some fuel and made a long run north,stopped at a couple of spots on the way with nothing but kept going north and found some marks that looked like fish .Made 3 passes with noithing and I ws getting ready to move again when I got a hit and missed it. Stayed in area and it began to produce on each pass. I’m up to 5 bass but now nothing so moved to another spot that usually produced in Nov on bottom of the tide and I found one more for total of 6 for the day. Nothing big at 20-25″ but very angry once they got a hook in them
Water temp went up a couple of degrees over yesterday to 48
I probably only have 15 days left to fish in 2013 and that is assuming weather cooperates
My fuel gauge hit bottom only to find when I got to my dock they were out of gas. I’ll have to make a couple of trips with my trusty 5 gal can before going out tomorrow


Wind laid down a little this afternoon so I went out looking before dark . Water temp had dropped to 45-47 degrees .Tried my usual spots but never saw a fish. Unless this water temp goes up a little the bass won’t be coming inside ,couple the colder water with very little bait and you have a bad combination for catching Bass
It could be the beginning of the end,I will give it a good try in morning