This has been a strange year for sure. Another beautiful sunrise AND a wind change finally and out of WSW . Went looking for bass with a popper and eel but no success and after searching too long I decide to prowl around the flats on the High tide.When I got to my first spot tide was already out 2 hours and I needed to be careful and not get stuck.Found my gulley and started fishing,keep in mine thus is Oct 1 ,I kept working that narrow gulley and to make a long story short I ended up with 24 Fluke including 8 over 20″ up to 25″ . I finally had to leave or I was going to get out but I left them biting
I’ve had a few days in October when I caught Fluke but never the numbers or size I had today. White bucktail with chartruese swimming minnow and/or white Berkley Gulp Shrimp/
I was never in more than 7 ft of water , Don’t know if they will be there tomorrow but I will probably follow same path ,look for bass or weakfish than go see if Fluke still there