A little foggy this morning when i pulled out of dock little before sunrise,fog was patchy but in the patch it was thick for a little while. These bass are driving me crazy , yes I realize that isn’t a long trip. I started where I’ve had them for 2weeks on first of outgoing tide but today no fish,no signs of fish. Made a couple of moves and still nothing. Tide half way down I tried some new spots and damn if the bass aren’t in a new spot. First one 27″ passed up a big bait for a teaser go figure that one out , followed by 2 more that were 26″ ,than nothing. Tide almost out and I picked up 4 more but these were smaller 20-24″ Total 7 and a lot of looking. Problem is no bait so bass are on the move,one bass was spitting up crabs. Bass are all very silver so they clearly are ocean fish moving in looking for dinner and not finding they aren’t hanging around long
Big wind coming tomorrow so probably won’t get out and I won’t be out this weekend but hopefully back out on Monday