A beautiful morning is spite of the cold temps of 34 ,no wind,actually dead calm which usually means the wind will come up hard . Dead low tide not best tide to start fishing this time of year but out I went. Tide in about an hour and I landed one but than nothing for a good spell. Tide about half way in and I started to see evidence of possible fish . Got one more than that evidence left and another dry spell. Finally found 2 more but wind now coming hard with gust over 30 making it impossible to get a bait in a good location.Missed a couple than picked up 2 more but given the wind I was done and headed home with 6 bass up to 26″
I can handle the cold but can’t deal with the wind
Bait of choice again was trolled white bucktail with chartreuse twister tail and a teaser
Dragged an eel but nothing touched it