Coldest morning since April with a still westerly wind 15-20. I had to wait for Barnacle Bill to open as I needed oil but finally out out 8:30 .Wind was a problem. Tide half way in so stayed close to home and managed to get 4 into the boat for a Tag , Largest 23 ” Missed a couple as wind was turning boat in circles making it tough to kept a tight line .Top of tide wind came up higher with some 30 mph gust so slowly worked my way back to dock hitting a couple of prime spots and missed one but wind made it impossible to fish as I do so called it a morning . Wind is supposed to die out tonight and while still cold it will be fishable.This morning it was 38 when I left and still in mid-40’s when I quit
Probably will decide to hold off until 8am tomorrow to give tide a chance to come in a little
Water temp has dropped under 60  Dragged  an eel but nothing touch it ,white bucktail with  7″ Chartreuse worm only thing that work