A beautiful morning and best of the Fall,little cool at 40 but quickly warmed up and NO WIND However the fish were not cooperating. I picked up a 26″er on first stop than nothing and I’m burning some gas looking. Finally got another and burned some more gas .Well, to make a long story short I probably burned 20 gal of fuel for a total of 6 bass for the day. Other than the first one all were “rats” between 19-21″ . It was a tough day fishing but a good day to be on the water . I may get one more decent day in before the weather turns to cold windy crap but that may get fish moving. Generally this time of the year when you catch one you can usually catch 3-4 in same area but not today. 6 bass in 6 totally different areas
Saw the pair of Eagles again this morning ,quite a sight