A beautiful sunrise this morning but clouds quickly rolled in and lifght wind out of East.I decided to go north and sometimes a plan works. Found bass hungry and cooperating but moving. Everytime I found a school I landed one but I had to keep moving. As tide got up and ready to turn I headed into the Sound and found them again . However I couldn’t stay on them.Once tide started running I went to where they were all summer BUT nothing here so decided to run south. Got to my first spot but not seeing anything. Made a slight move and missed 2 ,went back and finally got a hook on one .Once again I lost them so made another short move and picked up one more for a total of 11 for the day 19-26″. Bait was varied and depended where I was . Started out white bucktail with white worm, than they wanted a chartreause worm. Another spot only an eel worked . Tried trolling a Rebel with a teaser and got one on a teaser so it clearly was a mixed bag. Lesson here is DON”T get stuck using just one style bait
To make the day even better I saw and watch 2 young Bald Eagles but couldn’t get close enough to get a picture but they are a beautiful bird to watch