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A little foggy this morning when i pulled out of dock little before sunrise,fog was patchy but in the patch it was thick for a little while. These bass are driving me crazy , yes I realize that isn’t a long trip. I started where I’ve had them for 2weeks on first of outgoing tide but today no fish,no signs of fish. Made a couple of moves and still nothing. Tide half way down I tried some new spots and damn if the bass aren’t in a new spot. First one 27″ passed up a big bait for a teaser go figure that one out , followed by 2 more that were 26″ ,than nothing. Tide almost out and I picked up 4 more but these were smaller 20-24″ Total 7 and a lot of looking. Problem is no bait so bass are on the move,one bass was spitting up crabs. Bass are all very silver so they clearly are ocean fish moving in looking for dinner and not finding they aren’t hanging around long
Big wind coming tomorrow so probably won’t get out and I won’t be out this weekend but hopefully back out on Monday


A perfect morning for catching bass , low clouds,dead calm , relatively warm and outgoing tide BUT it didn’t turn out to be all that hot of a bite. The lack of bait is preventing the bass from schooling up and you really have to search to find them . I headed north this morning and got 2 up there to 26″ but just didn’t look all that promising so headed back to where I have been picking for 2 weeks and while never getting 2 in same spot I managed to get 4 more including 2 little over 25″ I fish the tide all the way down and than called it a morning.
Bait was varied with 2 on eels, 1 on popper and 3 on bucktails
Looks like wind will be a problem tomorrow BUT maybe it will hold off until tide change



I left this morning at sunrise which wasn’t the the best I’ve seen, I worked the last 2 hours of outgoing and bite was slow. Manage to get 3 up to 26″ but a real slow pick for sure
Decide to take a look at last of incoming so went out again around 4:30pm but wind was howling from NE . Real tough to get a bait in right spot as wind was pushing tide . At very top of tide I manage to get one bass but I was fed up with wind and came home at sunset
Wind is suppose to drop out a little tonight so hopefully tomorrow will be better


A beautiful morning with a great sunrise and dead calm. I had 2 hours of outgoing tide but could only find 3 bass willing to cooperate. I decided to try again this afternoon on last 2 hours of incoming and once again the bass were not in the mood to cooperate. I did manage to land 3 again . Clearly the lack of bait is keeping the fish moving. Never caught 2 fish in same area which means a lot of gas is being burned . Nothing over 25″
Tomorrow looks decent and I should have an extra hour of outgoing

FISHING REPORT 10/27 or lack of

I did not intend to fish this morning but went to dock to fill up the gas tank, No one there so decided to go out in spite of the stiff West wind. Bad tide to go with bad wind but I did manage to find one bass before heading back in. Gas dock open so I filled up and will give it hell next week


A beautiful morning is spite of the cold temps of 34 ,no wind,actually dead calm which usually means the wind will come up hard . Dead low tide not best tide to start fishing this time of year but out I went. Tide in about an hour and I landed one but than nothing for a good spell. Tide about half way in and I started to see evidence of possible fish . Got one more than that evidence left and another dry spell. Finally found 2 more but wind now coming hard with gust over 30 making it impossible to get a bait in a good location.Missed a couple than picked up 2 more but given the wind I was done and headed home with 6 bass up to 26″
I can handle the cold but can’t deal with the wind
Bait of choice again was trolled white bucktail with chartreuse twister tail and a teaser
Dragged an eel but nothing touched it


A cold morning for sure 37 when I pulled out of dock with stiff 15mph NW wind and forecast was for more wind. First stop got a bass and on 3rd drift picked up another and than a dry spell.
I could not find a bass but after a frustrating search I finally found a school and picked up 3 than another dry spell and wind is coming up but finally one more and decided to call it a day but made one more stop and found 2 more.Wind is howling so headed home BUT made one more stop ,brillant move as I picked up 5 in a stiff wind. Bass were right on the bottom and every hit was on the drop back to bottom. Total for the day was 12 up to 26″ .Fish are all shining silver fish so they are moving in from ocean looking for bait and on the move as bait is scarce. Tomorrow at the moment looks worse than today for wind so we shall see.For sure it will be cold again as another front is moving through tonight White bucktail with Chartruese worm doing the trick,dragged an eel again with nothing ,tried poppers but never had a splash


Coldest morning since April with a still westerly wind 15-20. I had to wait for Barnacle Bill to open as I needed oil but finally out out 8:30 .Wind was a problem. Tide half way in so stayed close to home and managed to get 4 into the boat for a Tag , Largest 23 ” Missed a couple as wind was turning boat in circles making it tough to kept a tight line .Top of tide wind came up higher with some 30 mph gust so slowly worked my way back to dock hitting a couple of prime spots and missed one but wind made it impossible to fish as I do so called it a morning . Wind is supposed to die out tonight and while still cold it will be fishable.This morning it was 38 when I left and still in mid-40’s when I quit
Probably will decide to hold off until 8am tomorrow to give tide a chance to come in a little
Water temp has dropped under 60  Dragged  an eel but nothing touch it ,white bucktail with  7″ Chartreuse worm only thing that work

FISHING REPORT or lack of 10/23

A VERY UGLY MORNING, But it looked like I had a window without rain and before the wind rolled in .So I left the dock looking for bass BUT that window shut down quickly and the rain rolled in with a steady straight down pattern. Well, I tried it for 1 1/2 hours but by now I am soaked and msierable with nothing to show for it. So called it a morning. don’t know when I will get out again as significant cold front will follow the rain with strong winds


Left dock around 7:30 and picked up 2 bass quickly on incoming tide .Went back to dock to pick up a guy who was interested in seeing what I do . Tough morning with a South wind which I never like this time of the year as it pushes whatever bait is here out. Unforttunatlely I could not get the passenger on a fish but I picked up 2 nore along with a Bluefish for a total of 4 Bass up to 26″ and 1-Bluefish. Tough morning to say the least. Big weather change coming tonight with rain and cold and I suspect high winds for next couple of days keeping me in dry dock. However if only rain in morning and light winds I may give it a try but not optimistic Fall clearly will be in the air next few days