Another beautiful sunrise but still with North wind. Search for bass on first of outgoing tide and finally found one short. Switched to weakfish and found one Bluefish and one Fluke
Tough day but may be last day of a North wind for a couple of days
The big problem was a lost rod,trolling 2 rods with one in a rod holder with a free swimming eel and something very big hit that rod an rip the rod out of the holder and it was moving fast down stream. I quickly put 2 rods over hoping to snag the line or rod but no such luck but whatever it was was hauling ass at high rate of speed and I never found it. Only thing that could possibly do that is a large Shark or a very large Bluefish.Striper would never hit it that hard
60 years of fishing and I’ve never had a rod pulled out of a rod holder DAMN