FISHING REPORT , finally back on line

Finally got computer back working after 2 weeks down with a virus following 10 days of entertaining grand kids with Spots, croakers and a few bluefish.
First serious trip was Fri 30th found some bluefish and few short fluke ,Sat 31st I got into fluke pretty good and got 18 with 4 –20″ers Sunday went back to same spot and nothing but 3 shorts. Monday I had an excelllent morning high tide and went looking for bass in the shallows and found 2 bass ,tide started out so moved I into deeper water .Stopped to try for Spots and again could only find big ones .Kept the smallest of them which was little over 9″ and started dragging it in the outgoing tide and to my surprise I get a helleva hit that tore line off my reel.Finally got a healthy and angry 29″er into my net. still amazes me how she got a Spot that big far enough into her mouth for me to get a hook in her but she made my day.
Today,tuesday was horrible, looked for bass but way too much sun when tide was right ,tried trolling nothing and once again could not find decent size spots
All I could find this morning was large Spots decent size croakers with one that had to go almost 4lbs and one short fluke
Cold front dropping down so I’m hoping for some decent fishing now until Dec if weather permits
I am back posting reports whenever I go