An ugly morning with a STIFF NNE WIND. This winds was pushing the incoming tide hard
Started out looking for Spots but once again they were huge. Kept 2 –9″ers and went looking for bass. Tough tough conditions ,drift was almost 3mph ,never had a hit ,after 2 hours I said the hell with it
Got back to dock and wind would not allow me to get into my dock, 4 passes and on 5th pass I grapped the dock line and tried to pull boat into slip. BAD MOVE as it resulted in something popping in my forearn which may have dramatic effect on my fishing next few days
Tomorrow ,Tuesday I will travel to Baltimore as a Fluke advisor for American States Marine Fishing Council where we will hear the outlook for 2014 fluke fishing and offer our advice which they rarely accept. Fluke Advisors board is made up of 2-3 advisors from every State NH- SC . Alawys an entertaining meeting