A pretty morning and my youngest son wa son board but lousy tide. Started out looking for fishable Spots but could only find the large ones,Kept the smallest (9-10″) and headed where I thought they might be . Made a few passes and nothing but with water temp dropping A couple of degrees I was thinking something might show up in spite of the bright sun. On this pass I got one playing with the Spot and got it started but couldn’t get a hook in her. Made a couple more passes and than I get another playing with the Spot,by now I had removed the trolling weight and was free lining. I kept giving line back and that it started going away and I set the hook and the game was on. After a few minutes I get a 27″er into the net that went after a 10″ spot. But after few more passes and nothing we headed home .
Guess I should not complain on a day with bright sun and lousy tide to only get one bass