Another beautiful morning but cool with a north wind and 49 degrees at the dock when I pulled out at 5am. Rarely catch anything decent with a north wind and today was no different. Searched for bass on incoming tide after searching for some decent size Spots for bait .Picked up a couple that were fishable along with Croakers too be for bait. Top of tide hit my favorite Spot but nothing happen.Decided to make a major move but changed mind and headed towards bridge and did find 1 short bass of 20″ along with one short fluke but that is all there was for me. Was nice to se sun come up and warm things up but decent fish were not cooperating but that is the way it is in early Sept. .Next few days will have lousy tides but we shall see what happens with a forecasted wind change tonight
Plenty of large Spots and Croakers to keep you entertained if so desire