It was a beautiful morning and plan was to find a bass interested in my popper but after about 300 catch all I had to show for it was a 4ft needlefish and a smaller one. Decided to try for a decent size Spot but smallest I could find was 10″. Top of the tide so decided to put one of these monsters on and see what happens. Given there was little to no tide I took my trolling weight off and free lined it . Well,this monster starts getting hit hard bang bang bang and on 3rd bank the line started moving away so I set the hook and the fun began. After a couple of jumps and 2 long runs I finally get a 30″ bass to the net. Bass had a tag so should be interesting to find where she has been
Only one I got but do think another tried to take another monster as after a couple of bangs nothing happen so I brought it in and it had all her scales scaped off ,probably a smaller bass that couldn’t get it all the way in her mouth
Finding decent size Spots is tough as most are huge
Also picked up one 10″ Taugog while trying for Spots