Another beauitful sunrise but with more clouds. I hit my weakfish spot an hour before sunrise but could find nothing,no marks ,no bait and my disposition was failing . Tide almost out and I made a little move and BANG line is stripping off my reel,tighten the drag a little and began working the fish in .To my surprise I have in my net the largest weakfish I have seen in 4 years and it beats my largest of the year which was 5.6 lbs and came in at 6.61 lbs and 26 1/4 “. Bad news is it was the only one of the day.Fish tide all the way down and never saw another fish BUT I’m happy given the size
2 Bald eagles flying around and sitting on vacated Osprey nest ,quite a sight to see especially when they take off with that huge wing span.
Wind still blowing North which it has all week. I’m hoping for a wind direction change which should get bait moving more and in turn get fish on the prowl
It should be noted that the bait of choice all week has been an old reliable white bucktail with a purple twister tail worm for the most part

Yesterday 9/27 I forgot to post but had one bass 26” on a popper and one weakfish along with one bluefish