After a stormy night I left the dock little before sunrise which you couldn’t see today and headed for my weakfish spot on last 2 hours of outgoing tide. I no sooner had my lines in the water when I landed a 24″ weakfish followed by another that was 25 1/4″ and 5.59lbs which beat my biggest of the year and replaced it on top of the weakfish board and 2 lbs larger than the 2nd place fish. I now am into Bluefish and after getting 3 I went to a slightly heavier bucktail and got under the bluefish where i managed to get 3 more smaller weakfish 16-19″ and a couple more bluefish
this was my best day for numbers and size on weakfish in several years. I also landed a small 17″ striped bass
Once tide started in game was over aand with wind picking up I called it a day

On another subject I attended a Fluke Advisors meeting in Baltimore on Tuesday where we were told to expect a 18% reduction in Fluke next year. Lots of discussion and as advisors we offerred our imput to include the Economic impact study that was supposed to be done after Sandy and still not completed . All the information we provided along with suggestions will now go to the Scientist and Statisticians . We were told to expect another meeting in Nov. There also is a risk of NJ over fishing it’s 2013 allotment given the strong offshore bite past few weeks which would increase the overall reduction in NJ Outlook for 2014 does not look all that promising but a lot can happen before end of the year and regulations are finalized