I left dock at sunrise and plan was to find weakfish, first pass I got a 19″ bluefish followed by 2 Weakfish. Getting close to 8am and as I have done the past 11 years I headed to the location I was fishing when the Muslims attack NYC. Monment of silence and than I pissed on the Muslims . Now I headed back to Weakfish and on first drift picked up another ,Several passes with nothing than got into another weakfish.
Sometimes a plan works total of 4 Weakfish between 16-19″ and one Bluefish
The bait varied ,first one was on a rattletrap ,next 2 were on white bucktail with purple worm and last one was on a pink bucktail with a purple worm
Little warm here today and it looks like this could be end of warm weather,one more day and than it appears a significant cold front will come through