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Another beautiful sunrise but still with North wind. Search for bass on first of outgoing tide and finally found one short. Switched to weakfish and found one Bluefish and one Fluke
Tough day but may be last day of a North wind for a couple of days
The big problem was a lost rod,trolling 2 rods with one in a rod holder with a free swimming eel and something very big hit that rod an rip the rod out of the holder and it was moving fast down stream. I quickly put 2 rods over hoping to snag the line or rod but no such luck but whatever it was was hauling ass at high rate of speed and I never found it. Only thing that could possibly do that is a large Shark or a very large Bluefish.Striper would never hit it that hard
60 years of fishing and I’ve never had a rod pulled out of a rod holder DAMN


Another day of bright sunshine and NORTH wind. I started out looking for Bass on the flats with a popper but tide dropping too fast and couldn’t stay there.Switched to Weakfish but today was not my day. Some days the Fish WIN and they won today which doesn’t help my disposition
We need a wind change as the North wind has been blowing for 11 days straight


Another beauitful sunrise but with more clouds. I hit my weakfish spot an hour before sunrise but could find nothing,no marks ,no bait and my disposition was failing . Tide almost out and I made a little move and BANG line is stripping off my reel,tighten the drag a little and began working the fish in .To my surprise I have in my net the largest weakfish I have seen in 4 years and it beats my largest of the year which was 5.6 lbs and came in at 6.61 lbs and 26 1/4 “. Bad news is it was the only one of the day.Fish tide all the way down and never saw another fish BUT I’m happy given the size
2 Bald eagles flying around and sitting on vacated Osprey nest ,quite a sight to see especially when they take off with that huge wing span.
Wind still blowing North which it has all week. I’m hoping for a wind direction change which should get bait moving more and in turn get fish on the prowl
It should be noted that the bait of choice all week has been an old reliable white bucktail with a purple twister tail worm for the most part

Yesterday 9/27 I forgot to post but had one bass 26” on a popper and one weakfish along with one bluefish


A picture perfect morning with a beautiful sunrise and wind was down.I headed for my weakfish spot and I no sooner had my Rattletrap running right when the first weakie hit it and I landed a 22″ weakfish . After 45 minutes of nothing and tide almost out I got into another one 20″ followed by a 17″er .Tide started in and everything stopped,wish I knew where they go on oncoming.I tried several spots on incoming with no success. Should get an extra hour of outgoing tomorrow ,hopefully wind will cooperate


I don’t like Sept,yesterday I hooked up with Hendo and plan was to find some fluke on last day of fluke season.Weather report was wind 5-10 nw .Well we headed out Townsends with wind howling 15-20 N giving the ocean a 3-5 ft chop. We got off a couple of miles in some bird action but nothing, Tide running hard and being pushed by wind UGLY. Went back inside but could not find a fish
Today,pretty day but could not find a fish anywhere other than small sea bass that were hitting everything I was using from ratttletraps to bucktails. Lousy day ,maybe tomorrow also saw no bait


Beautiful morning but wind came up quickly from NW. I never do much with NW wind especially late in the year.After 2 hours of fighting the wind I called it a morning with nothing but few Spots and small sea bass. Tried again last 2 hours of the outgoing leaving the dock at 3pm. It was slow and not much showing up on my screen. Finally got into a 18″ Bluefish that woke me up I was determined not to leave this area as it had been producing a Weakfish or 2 . Saw one weakfish caught but not by me . I stayed with the tide all the way down and as tide slowed a little I got into a 22″ Bass which made a bad day a little better
Tomorrow,last day of Fluke season I got an invite to fish the ocean so we shall see
Hopefully the wind will let up as the cold front moves further offshore


Left dock a little later this morning after having been at my Nephews wedding and getting home late. Hard rain all night
Caught last 2 hours of incoming tide and started looking for bass. After drifting and drowning an eel for an eel with nothing I swtiched to bucktails looking for weakfish and found one right away but than all I could raise was a couple of Bluefish. Top of the tide wind was coming up real good and I gave it an hour on outgoing and called it a day..Tomorrow is another day


SEPT is a tough month,one day fish are there next day nothing, Today was a “next day”.
I started the day looking for bass by drifting an eel and throwing a popper ,NOTHING
Decided to swtich to weakfish and tried just about everything I knew but could only land one weakfish . Did pick up a couple small fluke but overall a tough day
We need a couple of cloudy days, this bright sun is not good this time of the year


Yesterday 18th was horrible,could not get a bite
This morning 19th was a beautiful morning ,moon set and sun rose within 6 mintues and skies were clear making for a beautifil site to see.
Frustrated after yesterday I decided to make a long run south and try some spots in Townsends Sound and I was able to find 2 bass 26 and 25″ but it was slow .I fished tide up and once it turned out I headed to more familair areas looking for weakfish But all I found was Bluefish 19-22″. total of 4
I was also catching Sea bass and Croakers on my trolled Rattletrap

Better than yesterday and a beautiful day on the water


Sometimes the fish win,after taking yesterday off I headed to spot I had weakfish last week but after over 3 hours of trolling I had nothing to show for it. Never marked a decent fish. I fished the tide all the way down but nothing,not even a bluefish
Once tide was out i went looking for Spots ,caught several but only one worth using for bait
Plenty of small sea bass driving me crazy . Wind coming up and rain moving in so I headed home disappointed . Tommorow is another day. There has been a 5 drgree drop in water temp so maybe tomorrow I switch to bass