UGLY morning with stiff wind but goal was to find some trout (weakfish) on first on incoming before sun came up. 45 minutes in dark and wind nothing,made a move and on this spot as sun was breaking horizon I get into a trout on a rattletrap. Trout was over 4lbs and I thought maybe it was bigger than what I had that was leading the tourney at 4.97lbs So I kept it to weigh in. Went back over same area and tied into another one but lost it at the boat. Went back several times with only one bluefish and a fluke. wind coming pretty hard and I called it a morning
Won’t be fishing tomorrow but expectt to try for trout again sunday morning
The trout weighed 4.11 lbs which was good enough for 3rd but given you can only win one spot and I had the one in 1st place it didn’t matter. Looked bigger in the dark ,I should have tagged and released it but I gave it away