With very little sleep I left dock at 4am searching for Weakfish under cover of darkness and a decent outgoing tide BUT no weakfish to be found. As I was getting ready to move I saw a school of Bluefish and managed to land 6 between 17-20″
Had a thought that maybe weakfish were under the Bluefish so put on a heavier bucktail and let it go to bottom ,it no sooner hit bottom when bang I’m into something angry as it was stripping line. . Got it to boat a nice fat and angry 26″ bass and it dropped off just as I put net to her, lucky day I need to play the lottery today.
Once tide started in nothing so headed back to dock at 7:30 and called it a day
Fishing reports will be scarce next couple of weeks as my kids and grandkids are coming in so it will mostly be play time