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I took my website developer and my sons’ Father in law out for couple of hours. we started out looking for bluefish but we were a little late and boat and jet ski traffic was horrible so we switched to bottom fishing. Bottom fishing using fish bites was non-stop with croakers, Large Spots, short fluke, sea bass ,blowfish and more. One Croaker was over 4 lbs . I managed to keep them entertained for over 2 hours in spite of the traffic
Hopefully i will be back into a early morning routine next week


i haven’t done any serious fishing given my grand kids are here but did get them out for a couple of trips where we had non stop catching of Spots,Croakers,Sea bass, sea robinns AND we got into a school of 18-20″ bluefish
4 year old twins and 6 year old granddaughter were all smiles
Will get serious again next week


With very little sleep I left dock at 4am searching for Weakfish under cover of darkness and a decent outgoing tide BUT no weakfish to be found. As I was getting ready to move I saw a school of Bluefish and managed to land 6 between 17-20″
Had a thought that maybe weakfish were under the Bluefish so put on a heavier bucktail and let it go to bottom ,it no sooner hit bottom when bang I’m into something angry as it was stripping line. . Got it to boat a nice fat and angry 26″ bass and it dropped off just as I put net to her, lucky day I need to play the lottery today.
Once tide started in nothing so headed back to dock at 7:30 and called it a day
Fishing reports will be scarce next couple of weeks as my kids and grandkids are coming in so it will mostly be play time


Left dock around 4am and went looking for trout (weakfish)but none to be found. I wasn’t all that optimistic with incoming tide and north wind pushing it,Once sun broke horison swtiched to Fluke and picked up a couple along with sea robins . Headed back
to dock and called it a day around 7:30


UGLY morning with stiff wind but goal was to find some trout (weakfish) on first on incoming before sun came up. 45 minutes in dark and wind nothing,made a move and on this spot as sun was breaking horizon I get into a trout on a rattletrap. Trout was over 4lbs and I thought maybe it was bigger than what I had that was leading the tourney at 4.97lbs So I kept it to weigh in. Went back over same area and tied into another one but lost it at the boat. Went back several times with only one bluefish and a fluke. wind coming pretty hard and I called it a morning
Won’t be fishing tomorrow but expectt to try for trout again sunday morning
The trout weighed 4.11 lbs which was good enough for 3rd but given you can only win one spot and I had the one in 1st place it didn’t matter. Looked bigger in the dark ,I should have tagged and released it but I gave it away


I went looking for bass this morning and all I did was burn gas. I think I hit every area I ever caught a bass and all I had was one swirl by a cross eyed bass that miss the hook
Switched to Fluke and nothing but shorts ,disgusted I headed home
August is usally a decent month for short resident bass on poppers but so far not so good

fishing report 8/4 & 5

Did not take yesterday off and took friends out on late tide and picked up 11 short fluke plus croakers , Spots and Sea Robins followed by dinner at Deauville and some serious drinking
Took off this morning with a plan to use larger baits which turned out to be good idea as we only landed 6 fluke but 2 were over legal limit as 20 and 25″
Tomorrow I plan to look for bass again as there has to be some residents around


left dock this morning under cover of darkness and for next 2 hours I threw a surface popper over 300 times in 25-30 different spots I’ve caught bass with never even getting a swirl or miss
So decided after 2 hours I was not going to punish myself any more and go home.I was not in the mood to catch short fluke so called it a day
Will take tomorrow off to clear my head

FISHING REPORT 8/1 and 8/2

Yesterday 8/1 I didn’t even bother looking for bass,hit a couple of spots for weakfish but no success. Rain off and on the entire time on water and ended up with 11 short Fluke
Today John,Marlene ,and Diane were with me and we went looking for Fluke and found a fairly steady pick for 2 hours . We ended up with 16 fluke tagged and another 6-7 lost at boat as a result of too much slack in line. All were shorts with largest at 17″
After 3 hours we headed i for breakfast
I’m debating with myself as to whether or not I am going to fight the crowds tomorow,pretty good tide early so I may give it a try until 7am or so