Left dock this morning in DENSE fog and it hung around most of the morning keeping the traffic down.
Stopped and picked up a dozen Spots . Water at the dock was 68 much cooler than yesterday at dock. Tide just starting in when I hit my area. Started getting hits on first drift but ciould not get a hook in a fish.. Water temp was dropping much slower and still 63 when first fish was landed . Make a long story short I was able to to get 4 bass on the mid tide but as it got full unlike yesterday nothing after 6-7 passes I decided my day was over and headed home.
Water temp never got lower than 61 as a result of the NE wind. The bass were not legal but all four were healthy 26-27″
Will not be fishing tomorow but there is possibilty wind will switch back to SW which is the key to July bass
this has been a helleva July for Bass so far