Left dock this morning in steady drizzle and dense fog .Stopped and picked up a dozen live Spot and headed to my honey hole
First 7 drifts with a water temp of 64 and dropping ,picked up 7 bass ,next 4 drifts produced nothing but on 5th drift landed a 29″er followed by 2 more for total of 10 for the morning
Listening to radio with guys with radar who were talking about their radar screens full of red and yellow coming across Delaware Bay I decidied I should think about getting back to the dock given I have probably used up 7 or 8 of my 9 lives and headed back in a dense fog
10 bass from 23-29″ wasn’t too back a morning but I would bet they would start again on outgoing but I called it a day.Water temp go down to 56 but now instead of SW wind the wind was NE
Will give it a try in AM even though I will have to put up with a lot of boats running around ..Think I will double up on my blood pressure medicine before headed out